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Hello everyone, Welcome to Multiclicker Plugins!

Here you can find the newest plugins for Multiclicker v2.3.0(2.3.0), v2.4.0(2.4.0), v2.4.1(2.4.1), v2.4.3(2.4.3) and v2.4.4(2.4.4) daily updated.

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1)Download multiclicker2 Check official releases. This program provides automatic clicks.

2)Register in all the PTC sites provided on the forum. We have plugins for Multiclicker v2.3.0 , v2.4.0 and v.2.4.1. The best version at the moment is version v2.3.0

3)Download all the PLUGINS for the sites. After registration you can see all plugins, already more than 50 added and counting!

4)Just copy the plugins in the multiclicker plugin folder.

5)Open multiclicker and login. Multiclicker login to the websites and clicks on the ads.

Please register to see all the plugins

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We are searching for developers! Can you make plugins? Please contact the administrator after registration

We are looking for members who have more plugins! Do you have more working plugins? Please contact the administrator after registration

Need help? Please contact the administrator after registration. Chat with our team! Or PM one of us. We are here to help you.

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